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RFP issued for Program Administration Services for the Colorado Secure Savings Programs and potential future state partners. On behalf of the Colorado Department of the Treasury (Colorado Treasury Office), the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration, State Purchasing & Contracts Office (“State”), (collectively the “Lead State”) is requesting Proposals from qualified Offerors who can provide Program Administration Services for the Colorado Secure Savings Program, as well as other state-run retirement programs (collectively, the “Partnership for a Dignified Retirement,” e.g. “Partnership”). The Award under this Solicitation will be a cooperative purchasing agreement (“Master Agreement,” e.g. “Contract”) available for use by other states (collectively “Program Partners”), subject to review and written approval by the Colorado Treasury Office, and in compliance with local statutory and regulatory provisions.

Date Issued:                  February 7, 2022
Close Date:                   March 21, 2022 at 1 pm MT
Vendor:                        To be determined
Date Awarded:             April 25, 2022
Contract Executed:      By June 2022

RFP Documents:

RFP for Program Administration Services

Exhibit A – Master Agreement Terms and Conditions: Program Administration Services for the Partnership for a Dignified Retirement

Exhibit B – Colorado Feasibility Study

Exhibit C – New Mexico Feasibility Study

Exhibit D – Colorado Program Metric Tracking

Attachment 4 – W-9