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Staying the Course Through Turbulent Markets May Lead to Better Retirement Outcomes  
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Monthly State Program Characteristics and Performance Data – OregonSaves, Illinois Secure Choice, and CalSavers – as of November 30, 2020 (click on infographic)

NC: Study Committee delivers final report to the General Assembly

VA: VA529 delivers final report to the General Assembly

WA: Retirement Marketplace submits 2020 biennial report to Legislature

Board Meetings: CO: 2/9; NM: 2/18; CT: 2/19; OR: 2/23; CA: 3/17

For an overview of current state programs and features, see State-Facilitated Retirement Savings Programs: A Snapshot of Plan Design Features

For individual state infographics click here: OregonSaves | Illinois Secure Choice | CalSavers | MA CORE


117th Congress, 1st Session

116th Congress, 2nd Session

  • Encourage Americans to Save Act (“EASA”)
  • Hearing: “Investigating Challenges to American Retirement Security,” Senate Finance Committee, Pension Subcommittee, December 9, 2020
  • Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2020
  • Resolution to Support the Goals and Ideals of National Retirement Security Month
  • Retirement Security Lost and Found Act of 2020
  • Small Employers Credit for Military Spouses Act



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Study: National access policy would slash savings gap (Pensions & Investments, December 15, 2020)

Will ‘National Universal Access’ to 401k Plans Increase Coverage? (401K Specialist, December 15, 2020)

Idaho faces retirement savings gap (Idaho Press, November 5, 2020)

Officials looking to plug retirement gaps with state plans (Employee Benefit News, October 27, 2020)

The two things that are most likely wrecking your retirement savings (MarketWatch, September 14, 2020)

Opinion: What has COVID-19 done to our retirement savings? (MarketWatch, September 8, 2020)

Fresh Thinking on DC-Plan Retirement Income (, August 25, 2020)

SEC director calls for private markets to open up for retail investors (Financial Times, August 2, 2020)

World Business Report (segment begins at 7-minute mark) (BBC Radio, July 20, 2020)

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