New Report Explores the Idea of a 21st Century Personal Pension

The annual CRI Policy Innovation Forum held in November 2021 convened U.S. and international thought leaders to discuss the challenges of designing retirement solutions for generating and securing reliable lifetime income. The Forum examined how to mitigate major risks to retirement income and the experiences of other nations. This report summarizes the ideas discussed, and highlights research papers chosen in a Forum-related Call for Papers. The CRI thanks the Berggruen Institute for its generous support of the Forum and this report.

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State of Retirement Podcast

NEW EPISODE: What Are Surveys Telling Us About Financial Well-Being, Retirement Confidence, and Trends Shaping Retirement Plan Design? (Guests: Anne Ackerley, BlackRock; Catherine Collinson, Transamerica Institute; and Lori Lucas, EBRI)

2022 State Program and Legislative Map
(as of August 2022)

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Source: Georgetown University’s Center for Retirement Initiatives

State Program Action Updates

Board Meetings: MD: 12/12; NY: 12/12; CA: 12/15; CT: 12/16; NJ: 12/16; ME: 12/21; DE: 1/12/23; OR: 2/7/23; CA: 2/27/23

New! STATE PROGRAM DATA – View November 2022 updates (IL and CA)
CA – Program issues proposed rules for comment through 12/27/22
OR – approves new adjusted state program fees
VA – recruiting employers for its pilot program

Federal Proposals

Recently introduced:

  • Retirement Savings Modernization Act
  • Retirement Protection Act of 2022
  • Maximize Americans’ Retirement Savings Act of 2022
  • Enhancing American Retirement Now (EARN) Act of 2022
  • Advancing Auto Portability Act of 2022
  • RISE & SHINE Act of 2022


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