State Initiatives 2021: More New Programs to Launch While Others Consider Action


States will continue to lead with new, innovative programs and proposals during the 2021 legislative sessions. For access to the most up-to-date, interactive 2021 state map, with detailed tracking of implementation status, legislative action, and summaries of bills introduced at the state and local level, visit State Programs and Legislation (log in required).

During the 2020 legislative sessions, at least 20 states and cities introduced legislation to establish new programs or form study groups to explore their options. Since 2012, at least 45 states have acted to implement a new program, study program options, or consider legislation to establish state-facilitated retirement savings programs. Today, there are 12 states and 1 city that have enacted new programs for private sector workers.

14 Programs (13 states and 1 city)

To date, new programs have adopted one or a combination (“Hybrid”) of these four models:

There are now 14 enacted retirement savings programs (13 states and 1 city) for private sector workers.

Individual Retirement Account
Voluntary Payroll Deduction IRA Voluntary Open Multiple Employer Plan
Voluntary Marketplace Voluntary Marketplace and Voluntary Payroll Deduction IRA

New Jersey
Seattle, WA

New York Massachusetts
Washington New Mexico

Many are taking steps to implement their programs and make progress. Massachusetts opened its program for enrollment in October 2017. Oregon has now opened its program to all eligible employers and interested individuals in the state. The Washington State Retirement Marketplace opened for business on March 19, 2018. California is in the process of registering employers as part of its official program rollout between now and 2022 and Illinois already has completed its three waves of employer registrations.


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