Call for Papers Award

As part of its annual, invitation-only 2021 Policy Innovation Forum held on November 2–3, 2021, the Georgetown CRI issued a Call for Papers. During the Forum, the selected paper authors joined with experts from around the world as part of panel discussions exploring ways to address major risks to retirement income and system design and delivery reforms.

View the selected papers and congratulations to the following authors:

  • David Blanchett and Michael Finke
  • Olga M. Fuentes, Richard K. Fullmer, and Manuel Garcia-Huitron
  • Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald, Barbara Sanders, Laura Strachan, and Mitch Frazer
  • Mathieu Pellerin
  • Ayandev Saha

State Program Action Updates

Board Meetings: NM: 7/7; NJ: 7/8; CO: 7/19; ME: 7/20; IL: 8/18; CA: 8/22; OR: 8/30; MD: 9/12

CA – Wave 3 Employer Deadline is June 30, 2022
CA – Awards its ESG fund to Calvert Research and Management
CORFP for Investment Manager Services closes 6/29
CT– myCTsavings program moving to Comptroller’s office

Federal Proposals

Recently introduced:

  • Advancing Auto Portability Act of 2022
  • RISE & SHINE Act of 2022
  • Emergency Savings Act of 2022
  • Employee and Retiree Access to Justice Act of 2022
  • Simplifying Small Business Retirement Savings Act


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